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Our software development services across industries


Telehealth | Health monitoring | mHealth | Health data management | AI in Healthcare

Healthcare software needs to be foolproof, whether it comes to data protection, patient diagnosis, or decision-making accuracy. With its extra-high security benchmarks and an urgent need for innovative solutions, medical software has turned out to be one of our specialties. More than ten years of experience in healthcare software development has helped us learn all about medical security and its legal requirements like the back of our hand.



Shoping | Retail

Many of the 100+ software projects we have delivered were bespoke e-commerce applications. However, there is a lot to consider when you wish to stand out from the competition in the ecommerce industry. Top-notch performance, customer-centered design, and unique custom features are only a few of the factors we keep in mind when crafting ecommerce solutions.



Banking | Insurance

Safety and reliability are of the essence when it comes to fintech software development. Whether you need a banking, insurance, or financial application, we offer a future-forward approach to create a solution ready to serve millions of users around the globe. Our team specializes in AI-based fintech solutions, such as automated credit scoring or Natural Language Processing.



Music | Travel

The entertainment industry craves innovation. Working with media pioneers worldwide allows our team to specialize in creating cutting-edge music and video streaming applications. Whether you are aiming for a simple bespoke solution, or complex, one-of-a-kind features – you’ve come to the right address.



Education | Food

None of the above applies to you? We believe that the rules are simple when it comes to technology and business. No matter the industry, we focus on personalised, user-oriented solutions, crafted to help you reach your long-term goals. Discover the solutions we deliver for education, food, customer service, telco, and other industries.

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