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QA & Software Testing

Free up your project team by delegating QA testing to CSSI Global Technologies. We will help you reduce cycle times, improve software scalability, and enhance its security levels. Overall, QA testing will minimze the cost of downtime and increase capacity of your product without any effort from you. The software testing services we deliver also include on-demand QA audits and integrated or mid-life software testing.

Our QA Testing Expertise:

  • Manual QA and automation testing
  • QA performance testing
  • Dedicated QA teams
  • Security audit and vulnerability assessment
  • Ongoing code reviews to prevent data leaks

Software Testing Services

On-demand QA Testing

Unexpected changes in your project or delivery may make it difficult to maintain the same product quality. You may be left short of the software QA talent needed to ship on time and in-line with all the project requirements. CSSI Global Technologies has got your back by providing a full range of on-demand QA testing services at any stage of the lifecycle. These services include, but are not limited to, software validation, QA automation, and software QA consulting.

Dedicated QA Teams

Our senior QA engineers collect project requirements and examine project constraints from day one. We your QA software testing team is properly assembled and emphasize having everyone involved. With the dedicated QA specialists, you can quickly grow your team, increase visibility into the project’s quality, and delegate the most time-consuming aspect of your work.

Manual QA and Automation Testing

By partnering with CSSI Global Technologies, you receive end-to-end software testing services. Depending on your business needs, our software QA teams apply either manual QA techniques or automated testing to increase test coverage and speed up routine checks. QA engineers at CSSI Global Technologies know how to properly balance manual and automation testing to ensure test accuracy, simultaneous execution of test cycles, and saved time.

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